Collaborators / Bryce Detroit

Bryce Detroit is an award-winning music producer, composer, performer, and curator. As the pioneer of Entertainment Justice and founder of Detroit Recordings Company, he uses entertainment arts to promote new Afrikan and indigenous legacies, cultural literacy, new music economies, and emergent media-based organizing strategies.
As a founder of Detroit Afrikan Music Institution, he lead music curation for “Out of Site”- a 10,000 square foot UNESCO City of Design exhibition for the 10th Saint Etienne International Design Biennale. As co-founder of Oakland North End (ONE) Mile Project, he produced the Mothership Launch: Legacy of Funk concert with funk luminary Carl ‘Butch’ Small, bringing together four generations of Parliament-Funkadelic alumni. A prominent community advocate, Bryce Detroit serves as culture & relations director of Center for Community Based Enterprises (C2BE), and co-founder of Detroit Community Wealth Fund. As a media-based organizer, he is a founding member of Detroit Resists, Oakland Avenue Artists Coalition, and Detroit Future Youth Network.
He participatated in a call and response project called “#Roger” with Harare based spoken word artist Stephen Biko Chisuvi.
More on his work:

Founder: Detroit Recordings Company
Co-Founder: DAMI-Detroit Afrikan Music Institution
Co-Founder: O.N.E. Mile Detroit
Director Cultural and Relations: C2BE- Center for Community Based Enterprise
Commons Relations: Cass Corridor Commons
Acting Member: OAAC (Oakland Avenue Artists Coalition)