Collaborators / Bradean Chitenderu

Bradean Chitenderu is a Mutare born artist/ designer now resident in Harare, Zimbabwe. He is an Applied Arts and Design graduate with over a decade of expertise in the print & advertising sector. He founded and runs a design house called ‘Yellowbottle’ since September 2016. Bradean is a versatile artist with strengths in design, art direction, photography and illustration. He participated in the postcard project “i wish you were here” exhibition 2013 and designed posters and curated space for the 2014 Kumusha exhibit at Delta Gallery in Harare.

Image on the bottom left is Chitenderu drawing the ice cream shop and on the bottom right is Kumbulani Zamuchiya (ZCCD con-founder), an old friend holding his postcard with the shop behind him in Detroit.