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(LEFT) Get together at ZCCD in 2017, Alison (Alia Prod), Miti, Abundance, George Rahme, Noku, Mathias, Invincible, Coster, and Njia. (RIGHT) at the reception 2018, Trust, Emily Rogers, Miti, Abundance, DJ Stacey Hotwaxx, Donald, Mathias, and Coster.
Mokoomba’s residence in Detroit was first imagined by ZCCD co-founder, Kumbulani Zamuchiya and then became a reality after the band was invited by Ismael Ahmed to perform for the Concert of Colors in 2017. In partnership with Alia Prod, the ZCCD residency became a reality in 2018. This was an intense one week residence from February 28 to March 7, 2018.

Mokoomba is made up of six members, Mathias Muzaza (lead vocals), Ndaba Coster Moyo (drums, backing vocals), Trust Samende (lead guitar, backing vocals), Donald Moyo – Mmcdee Moyo, (keyboards, backing vocals), Miti Mugande, (percussion & backing vocals) and Abundance Mutori (bass, backing vocals). They all grew up as friends in Chinotimba township, next to Mosi-oa-Tunya (the smoke that thunders)- also known as “Victoria Falls.”
(LEFT) Coster and Mathias fashioning t-shirts from Underground Resistance and Concert of Colors (RIGHT) Mokoomba with DJ Drummerbeat with the red cap on left, Chido with yellow hat (ZCCD agent), and Efe Bestsellers kneeling.
The ZCCD Residence:
Mokoomba’s residence would not have been possible without all the volunteered assistance from our community here in Detroit. ZCCD long time collaborator, George Rahme, provided a home for the band. The Power House Productions provided the Play House for the reception and the Sound House as the studio. The organizing of the exchanges was a team of volunteers led by ZCCD agents Jessica Allie (Detroit) and Kumbulani Zamuchiya (Harare). Others came in to assist locally in Detroit like Ronald Ndanga who assisted with the equipment together with ZCCD agent Nhamo Mumbiro (with the help of Sekuru Bob), and Changu Salare with cooking an amazing dinner for the reception at the Play House to introduce Mokoomba to some of the musicians and the community.
The Sound House Jams:
There were three different jams. The first was with one of our long time collaborator, Bryce Detroit who came with Efe Bes, and Onyx Ashanti, second with musical collective –  Video 7, and lastly Emily Rogers with her group of selected musicians from Detroit. 
(LEFT) Zee Ndanga preparing the Sound Check for the Jam Session at Sound House (RIGHT) Efe, Donald, Trust and Onyx getting ready for Jam session.
(LEFT) Video 7 Jam and (RIGHT) group with Emily Rogers
Other Jam sessions outside the Sound House:
(LEFT) at Louis studio in Eastern Market (RIGHT) Donald with DJ Stacey Hotwaxx
(LEFT) Mokoomba at Underground Resistance with Mike Banks (RIGHT) Abundance at Hardcore Detroit.
(LEFT) George Rahme and Abundance Mutori (RIGHT) ZCCD agents and friends dinner post Mokoomba residence with Ronald Ndanga, Masimba Hwati, Rudy Matsika, Jessica Allie, Chido Johnson and Nhamo Mumbiro.
For more on Mokoomba visit http://www.mokoomba.band

Bryce Detroit ft. Efe Bes, and Onyx Ashanti

Musical Collective – Video 7

Emily Rogers with her group of selected musicians from Detroit