Collaborators / Brendon Muchabaiwa

Brendon Muchabaiwa is a professional Zimbabwean artist currently based in Cyprus. He grew up in Mutare were he did much of his education after he had moved from the capital city of Zimbabwe Harare at the age of 8. He focuses more on realism but also explore other fields like cubism. He is a mixed media artist who studied art at Mutare Boys High School where he discovered his talent and got most of his awards currently 10 in number from numerous competitions and school merits like Tavatose and Manisa. His exhibitions have been housed in Zimbabwe national art gallery Mutare and Harare, Cyprus cultural center Buyuk Han and Dzimbanhete arts interactions. He also had an exchange programme with ZCCD n a post card project which is still ongoing till date. His work has also been referenced and cited in numerous works of music and TV shows like Hotmic an online TV show on the background display. Brendon is a 3rd year student studying architecture at Cyprus International University where he created numerous works one which is an African art collection called African Pride. He is still working on more projects and hopes to keep improving day by day.

Muchabaiwa participated in the postcard project “i wish you where here” in 2014 illustrating a postcard for Motown Museum in Detroit.

You can contact him on Facebook Brendon Muchabaiwa

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