Collaborators / Christwish Mulunga


Christwish Mulunga was third child in a family of four. His father taught him how to draw when he was five years old. Mulunga was in grade six at Zamba primary school in Mutare when he entered an art competition organised by the World Food Program.  Wining first prize triggered his journey to become an artist. Like much of the population, artists in Zimbabwe face many challenges in an extremely difficult economic environment. Some of his work reflect this theme. His work has been selected for a charity auctions at Africa University here in Mutare and has won prizes at exhibitions organised by the National Gallery of Mutare.

Christwish Mulunga works from his family home in (Dangamvura) suburb of Mutare and makes a living from paint visual aids ¬†for local early childhood schools, and signs for commercial spaces. He was curated into the “I wish you were here” postcard in Mutare by the Regional Director for the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Elizabeth Muusha.

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Email :mulungachrist@gmail.com