Collaborators / Plot Mhako

Plot Mhako is a social, community, youth, and urban arts activist working to empower and educate the youth of Zimbabwe. He is the founder and projects director of Jibilika Dance Trust, a social enterprise that promotes youth culture for engagement and development founded in 2007. Plot’s organization is empowering the voices of young people through innovative programming, multimedia activism, mentorship, and volunteering in school communities and he works on strategies and trainings to professionalize young upcoming artists. His work includes community outreach, dance training, and civic development in an effort to expose teens and youth to new opportunities and potential livelihoods. ┬áPlot is a qualified journalist, an administrator, and graphic designer. Upon return he intends to use the knowledge and skills to enhance and expand the operations of his newly established community urban arts space.

He hosted ZCCD Research Resident, Haleem Rasul aka Stringz in 2015 through Jibilika for the Jit Exchange and will be in Detroit in September 2018 to discuss new opportunities and collaborations.