Events / DET-ZIM Print workshop at Dzimbanhete

This was a workshop hosted by Chiko Chazunguza at Dzimbanhete Arts Interactions near Harare, Zimbabwe. DET-ZIM participants from the College from Creative Studies and Chinhoyi University of Technology collaborated on silk screen designs.
First Meeting! CUT & CCS students gather together anticipating their future collaborations and new found friendships.
Students begin their first collaborations, working as a team with partners to design their individual prints.
Follow the Sun! Chiko demonstrates in a timely manner, when to expose the screen to direct sunlight.
Working until Dusk! The fun never ends.
jessie-and-rachel kristian-and-cynthia
Christian and Cynthia place last touches on their screen before they jump to the stage of printing.
Final result! A one of a kind Adam Shirley print. Showing off his love for Super, a delicious beverage.