Projects / Call and Response

These are projects curated through ZCCD consul agents from both Detroit and Zimbabwe where cultural practitioners from either end of the globe respond to each other based on a connective theme.


3. Coat of Arms


“coat of arms” with Mary Fortuna,  quilt (Detroit – 2016) and Tatenda Gwarada, carved wood (Mutare – 2016) (more info…)


2. Jit Exchange

“Jit Exchange” by Haleem Rahul aka Stringz (Detroit) and Franco Dhaka aka Slomo (Zimbabwe). Video filmed by Kumbulani Zamuchiya, Chido Johnson and edited by Dyani Douze. (more info…)


  1. Song from the other land

Hope Masike and Monica Blaire music exchange (2013). Each learned a song from each other’s region.