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DETROIT: “Jit” is a dance that started in the 1970s and got popular in the 1980s with a TV show got The Scene.
ZIMBABWE: “Jit” is a type of music that gave birth to dance styles in the 1970s and got popular through bands such as Bhundu Boys leading to a movie called “Jit” in 1992.
The uncanny narrative parallel and despite electronic vs rumba music,the Jit dance similarity led to a ZCCD project called “Jit.”


Below is a documentary trailer by Detroit collaborator Haleem Stringz Rasul.


The 1992 movie by Michael Raeburn title “Jit” featuring Bhundu Boys.
The projected initiated through ZCCD starting out with the filming of Franco Dhaka aka Slomo dancing Zimbabwe style Jit to Haleem Rasul aka Stringz’s electronic Detroit music. Then with Stringz dancing Detroit style Jit to Slomo’s music.
slomo kumbi and chido filming-STRINGZ-small
(LEFT) Harare meeting: Kumbulani Zamuchiya, Franco “Slomo” Dhaka, Chido Johnson (RIGHT) Detroit filming: Michael Mangenje on lights, Rola Nashef helping to set camera, Haleem “Stringz” Rasul responding to Slomo’s music.
The trailer of their first collaboration as a call and response was filmed by Kumbulani Zamuchiya, Chido Johnson (with help from Michael and Rola) and edited by Dyani Douze (2014).

In 2015 ZCCD partnered with Jibilika Dance Trust to host Stringz in Zimbabwe as he researches Jit.
zccd plot and haleem party stringz jit workshsop jibilika harare
(LEFT) Jibilika Founder and Director, Plot Mhako, ZCCD agent, Chido Johnson, and Haleem Stringz Rasul at ZCCD’s event “Meet Plot Mhako” gathering. (RIGHT) Haleem Stringz Rasul in Harare, Zimbabwe, getting ready for the Jibilika Festival, teaching Detroit Style Jit to Jibilika dancers.
Haleem Stringz Rasul is presently in Zimbabwe hosted by Jibilika Dance Trust through the ZCCD Residence Exchange program sponsored by the Knights Foundation in Miami. Image below is Stingz and Slomo exploring their “jits” in Chitungwiza township, Zimbabwe.
slomo and stringz