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Nate Morgan                  Masimba Hwati
Nate Morgan from Detroit (LEFT) and Masimba Hwati from Harare (RIGHT) discuss skate culture as their symbol of their cities.
Exchange Exchange
This is a t-shirt project whose designed are from collaborations between artists in Detroit and Zimbabwe.
Visual artists from Zimbabwe and Detroit are paired up and correspond over a period of time. They share narratives with each other about their home cities learn about each others personal experiences in their home
cities. Collaborating artists communicate via email and Skype, exchanging stories about their home cities. The artists are tasked with producing a t-shirt design in response to what they have gleaned from the correspondence. The resulting designs are silkscreened to produce a consignments of memorabilia for Detroit and Zimbabwe.
Mario Moore (Detroit) with Gareth Nyandoro (Harare)
Christina Galasso (Detroit) and Zanele Mutema (Harare)
Nate Morgan (Detroit) and Masimba Hwati (Harare)
Olayami Dabls (Detroit) and Tapfuma Gutsa (Harare)
Mario Moore               Gareth Nyandoro
Mario Moore (LEFT) from Detroit and Gareth Nyandoro (RIGHT) from Harare design shirts in response to each others conversation.
1375109_240501919434398_732941430_n                  Christina Galasso at Barber Shoppe
Printing the t-shirts in Harare (LEFT) of the Detroit artists and in Detroit (RIGHT) of the Harare artists.