Projects / pimp my shoes

A workshop run by ZCCD Artist Exchange Resident 2015, Masimba Hwati during his residence in Detroit at Popps Packing. This workshop was sponsored by ZCCD in collaboration with ONE MILE artists Bryce Detroit and Halima Cassells.
(LEFT) Isadora’s shoes pimped by Detroit artist Faina Lerman and (MIDDLE) Halima Cassell’s shoes and (RIGHT) Chido’s detail of his pimped shoes.
19925_552956081522312_89225784351172654_n  halima shoes  chido's-pimped-shoe-detail
The first workshop was at Brightmore High School through the Makers Place run by Nick Tobia, a professor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The class he worked with was run by Paula.  In this workshop the students learnt how to use a sew awl in adding new patterns onto sneakers.
brightmoor 1 brightmoor 2 brightmoor 3
The second workshop was at Popps Packing where Mr. Hwati run a multi layered workshop were he taught participants who to use the sew awl to add  new cloths or leathers to older sneakers while conversing about shoes, their symbolism and cultural importance. To do this he brought in three collaborators, Bryce Detroit (spoken word artist who started the workshop by discussing the signifiants and power of shoes in Detroit and the USA), Shingi Mavimi (who shared poetry that referenced shoe culture in Zimbabwe) and Halima Cassells who led participants conversations on shoes.
(LEFT) Mr. Hwati introducing the project to participants and (RIGHT) some of the shoes pimped.
workshop shoes 1  shoes pimped 1