Projects / skype + mix

skype and mix 2013 posterThis is an exploration of space, time and music as the artists from Detroit and Zimbabwe attempt to produce a DJ set using skype to set up a live feed whilst the DJ’s play and mix music together in real time. Their performance and sharing has an extended life as an audio recording and a video.
The project was instigated by Kumbulani Zamuchiya in Harare and Chido Johnson in Detroit. The first recording was done in August 2013 in the bedrooms painted nationalist “green” acting as a virtual green room connecting to houses together from Detroit and Harare. This session which was titled INBTWN (video beneath) was with DJ Rahme (Detroit) and DJ Pitso (Harare). The later performed live during the “kumusha” exhibit at Public Pool and later at Delta Gallery in Harare.