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Brianna Williams participated in DETZIM 2016 where she went to Zimbabwe and focused on traditional stone carving techniques workig closely with collaborator Nyasha Madamombe who at the time was a student in the School of Art and Desight at Chinhoyi University of Technology, 2016.
▲ Brianna carving serpentine stone at Chinhoyi University of Technology, 2016. Picture by Jessie Glander.
Brianna Williams graduated from Athens High School of Troy, Michigan. She took full advantage of her time at Athens, taking two art classes a year to constantly challenge her abilities. To further educate herself, she took summer art courses at American Academy of Art in Chicago, Cranbrook Institute of Art, and Oakland University where she learned oil painting and anatomical drawing from two professors from College for Creative Studies. Between her junior and senior year, she has been awarded with three gold keys, four silver keys, and three honorable mention awards in the Scholastic Art Competition. She has had her work displayed at Somerset Collection of Troy, Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, and the Walter B. Ford building at College for Creative Studies. She has been in Student Exhibition for three years at College for Creative Studies and been on the Dean's list multiple times.

Her art style is very inspired by ephemeral moments, organic movements, forms, and lines found in nature. For example, she will look at the way a snake slithers in the sand, the way an octopus’s tentacles flow as it swims in the ocean, and how a blanket ruffles, folds, and bubbles on a windy day.