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Born in 1993, Cynthia Chimanda is a visual artist and designer currently based in Avondale, Harare. She is currently a student at the Chinhoyi University of Technology, where she is doing a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Creative Art and Design.

In the past, as part of her degree, she has practiced varied forms of art such as photography, graphic design, fashion design, print making, textile deign, drawing, environmental design and 3D design. However, she is mostly passionate about photography, graphic design and has a penchant for fashion design. Her specialization project managed to reflect all three favored art form as they were incorporated into the project.
Cynthia ChimangaDetzim & collaborator Kristian Chanel ▶
Inspired by nature, the specialization project’s main focus was to capture textures found in nature and the general surrounding environment by means of photography. Once this was accomplished, the images would then be edited using graphic design software Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to create multipurpose prints. The prints would then be used for various ends such as textiles and eventually in designing clothing apparel.
For the Det- Zim 2016 student exchange program, Cynthia was paired with American student and artist, Kristian Chanel, photography major at the College of Creative Studies student, to do collaboration and create artworks together. The artist decided to continue with the printmaking project, but using images captured by the American artist of textures found in the Detroit environment.

Besides visual art, Cynthia Chimanda also has interests in music as she plays the keyboard and is currently learning to play the acoustic guitar. Other interests include travelling, meeting new people, attending art and design events and charity. In future, Cynthia hopes to travel the world as an established artist and designer and starting academies for artists worldwide