ZIMBABWE CULTURAL CENTRE IN DETROIT’Smission is to educate, archive, & promote the arts & culture of Zimbabwe. We continuously strive to encourage strong ties between culture-producers & residents in Zimbabwe, Detroit, & abroad, acting as catalysts for critical artistic production as well as cultural exchange between communities.




PARTERS / Dzimbanhete Arts & Culture Interactions

All Afrika Village is a thematic park, with village structures that are representative of all the Afrikan nations’ significant architectural styles.

Dzimbanhete Arts Interactions (DAI) is an arts and culture resource centre that prioritises heritage preservation by promoting, enabling and giving space to endeavors, which strongly articulate traditional oral and material culture. DAI is situated along Bulawayo road, some 25km outside Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital. DAI is almost hidden away from the highway, located between the Lion Cheetah Park and the Snake World, amidst massive rocks, away from all urban and city disturbances rendering it an ideal venue for artistic and cultural endeavors.