ZIMBABWE CULTURAL CENTRE IN DETROIT’Smission is to educate, archive, & promote the arts & culture of Zimbabwe. We continuously strive to encourage strong ties between culture-producers & residents in Zimbabwe, Detroit, & abroad, acting as catalysts for critical artistic production as well as cultural exchange between communities.







Muusha Elizabeth has been instrumentally supporting ZCCD since its birth in 2013. She is the co-curator for the postcard project Wish you were here, and has hosted several exhibits, the most receng being Musimboti. She is the third daughter by Samuel and the late Janneth Muusha evidenced by (1969) birth records at Mutambara Mission Hospital in Chimanimani district of Manicaland. She realised her flair for art on training for a Diploma in Teacher Education at Mutare Teachers’ College 1989-1991. For 16 years she experienced the teaching/learning of fine arts in government primary schools from 1992-2008. Muusha was part of the pioneer Peripatetic Teachers Programme that aimed to address challenges in the teaching of fine arts in government schools. This followed a pilot project launched in Mutare Urban schools 2001 aimed at improving the teaching of practical subjects like Physical Education, Music and Fine Arts. In 2008 Muusha joined the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Mutare as Regional Director. Excited by the new post she however faced challenges in the administration and marketing of artists’ works due to the prevailing economic crisis.
She studied with Africa University for a Bachelor of Social Science Honours Degree in Sociology 2013-2017 Muusha Elizabeth  is the current Regional Manager and curator at National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Mutare (Monument Building that housed the first hospital in Mutare, 1897). An art critic, Muusha has worked with various artists’ works like the seasoned and budding artists, male and female artists, rural and urban artists, solo and group artists. Exhibitions under her curatorship include the following:   MANISA, Manicaland Show of the Arts, Manicaland Liberation War Base and Wish you were here to name a few.