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Zimbabwe Cultural Centre in Detroit (ZCCD) mission is to educate, archive, and promote the arts and culture of Zimbabwe. Our goal is to encourage strong ties between culture producers and residents in both Zimbabwe and abroad acting as catalysts for critical artistic production as well as cultural exchange between diverse communities.

COMRADES / Nhamo Mumbiro

ZCCD Board Member 2017-2019, Chair of Sadza Space Board of Directors 2020-present

Nhamo Mumbiro (Second from Left) with ZCCD Research Residents, Makoomba, 2018.

Nhamo Mumbiro is a software product manager at Ally Financial in the metro Detroit area. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, has served on the ZCCD board for the past four years, and has been instrumental in several artist residency exchanges initiated through ZCCD.  He has also is very active in the United Methodist Church in Dixboro where he has served in several committees, has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity the past ten years, and an active member of Metro Detroit Zimbabwe community. He has strong family ties in Detroit and Zimbabwe and considers both his home. Mr. Mumbiro actively has been recruiting ZCCD members among the Zimbabwean American community in the metro Detroit area.


Nhamo Mumbiro (right) with Fungai Dingwiza Sithole-Mumbiro (left) at the reception of ZCCD Kumusha Exhibit, Public Pool, Hamtramck, 2013