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Zimbabwe Cultural Centre in Detroit (ZCCD) mission is to educate, archive, and promote the arts and culture of Zimbabwe. Our goal is to encourage strong ties between culture producers and residents in both Zimbabwe and abroad acting as catalysts for critical artistic production as well as cultural exchange between diverse communities.

COMRADES / Rudy Matsika

Vice Chair of ZCCD Board of Directors 2016-19

Rudy Matsika(Centre)with Chido Johnson (Left) and Nyasha Gombakomba at a Zim gthering in Detroit, 2016. Image by Tasha Mangenje.

Rudy Matsika is based in the Detroit Metro area. Rudy was born and raised in Zimbabwe, then moved to South Africa for his tertiary education where he graduated with his Bachelor of commerce degree in Accounting and Information Systems from Harare University after which he joined the world of business and IT. He then moves to the USA to spread wings on his career. Rudy actively participate in community activities and is currently embracing the impact of technology on arts.


Rudy keeping the Braai alive for ZCCD Research Resident,  Mono Mukundu at the Play House, 2018.