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Zimbabwe Cultural Centre in Detroit (ZCCD) mission is to educate, archive, and promote the arts and culture of Zimbabwe. Our goal is to encourage strong ties between culture producers and residents in both Zimbabwe and abroad acting as catalysts for critical artistic production as well as cultural exchange between diverse communities.



Wish you were here

Harleem Rasul aka Stringz in Mutare while on a ZCCD Research Residence, holding a postcard of the Mutare Post Office illustrated by Detroit artist, Sabrina Nelson.

ZCCD co-founder, Kumbulani Zamuchiya, holding a postcard illustration of Burk’s Igllo Icecream drwn by Mutare artist, Bradean Chitenduru.
Wish you were here is a postcard project through the Zimbabwe Cultural Centre of Detroit (ZCCD) in Partnership with the National Gallery of Zim- babwe in Mutare, Zimbabwe. Two border cities that exist as immigrant cities looks at how postcards are seen as a memory of a space, and in this case, a fantasy of a space.

Images of cultural or historical locations from one city are taken and sent to artits to illustrate from the other city more than eight thousand miles away. So the postcards for the city of Muatre have been illustrated by Detroit artists similarly to these postcards of Detroit and Hamtramck where illustratred by artists in Mutare. 

Some of the artists from Detroit who have participated are Clinton Snyder, Tim VanLaar, Stephanie Beur, Dylan Spaysky, Sabrina Nelson, and Julie George. Some of the Mutare artists are the late Eben Gowero, Bradean Chitenduru, Mrs Sharon Bilang, Christwish Mulunga Brendon Muchabaiwa, Enock Matumbure, Biggie Matore, and Kundai Mharadze. Phptpgraphers who initated the exchange of images where Aisha Haji-Jama (Detroit) and Abraham Mudefi (Mutare). The project is co-curated by Chido Johnson (ZCCD) and Elizabeth Muusha of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in the mountains of Mutare.

collection at Popps Packing, Hamtramck, MI

Director Elizabeth Muusha with the postcard collection at the NGZ in Mutare.

Aisha Haji-Jama (Detroit) taking pictures from Detroit sites for postcards.

Kowalski Sausage Co., Hamtramck, (Michigan, USA) by Mutare artist, Eben Gowero from an image taken by Aisha Haji and back design by Nontsikelelo Mutiti.


Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History DetroiT, MI, USA
illustrated by Biggie Matore from Mutare, ZImbabwe 2014

Mutare artist Biggie Matore illustrating the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Detroit.

Burk’s Igloo Icecream Hamtramck, MI, USA illustrated by Bradean Chitenderu from Mutare, ZImbabwe 2013

Bradean Chitenderu, an artist from Mutare (Zimbabwe) working on his illustration of "Burk's Igloo Icecream" in Hamtramck.

Motown Museum Detroit, MI, USA illustrated by Brendon Muchabaiwa from Mutare, Zimbabwe 2014

Mutare artist Brendon Muchabaiwa illustrating Motown Museum, Detroit

Baitul Mukarram Masjid Hamtramck, MI, USA illustrated by Christwish Mulunga from Mutare, Zimbabwe,  2013

Christwish Mulunga's work in progress for the postcard project depicting the Baitul Mukarram Masjid in Hamtramck.

The Kowalski Sausage Co. Hamtramck, Michigan, USA illustrated by Eben Gowero from Mutare, Zimbabwe

Baker’s Keyboard Lounge Detroit, MI, USA illustrated by Enock Matumbure from Mutare, Zimbabwe, 2013

Mutare artist, Enock Matumbure, drawing the famous Baker's Keyboard Lounge in Detroit.

POPPS EMPORIUM | POPPS PACKING Detroit, MI, USA illustrated by George Chimbadzwa from Mutare, ZImbabwe, 2018

George Chimbadzwa, an artist from Mutare and art teacher at Hartzell High School,  working on his illustration of "Popps Emporium" in Detroit (USA) 

ONE MILE Detroit, MI, USA illustrated by Kundai Mharadze from Mutare, Zimbabwe 2016

Kundai Annah Mharadze illustrating "One Mile" mothership in Detroit.

Hindu Temple, Hamtramck, MI, USA illustrated by Sharon Bilang from Mutare, Zimbabwe 2013

Aisha Haji taking a picture of the Hindu Temple in Hamtramick trasnformed from a UAW headquarters.

Sharon Bilang's work in progress illustrating the Hindu Temple


Moffat Hall, Mutare, Zimbabwe illustrated by Clinton Snider from Detroit, Michigan, USA 2013

Detroit artist, Clinton Snider, working on Moffat Hall building in Mutare

National Gallery of Zimbabwe Mutare, Zimbabwe illustrated by Dylan Spaysky from Detroit, Michigan,
USA, 2013

Detroit artist, Dylan Spaysky's work in progress for the postcard project depicting the National Gallery of Zimbabwe using a pantograph.

The Post Office Mutare, Zimbabwe illustrated by Sabrina Nelson from Detroit, Michigan, USA 2013

Detroit artist Sabrina Nelson working on Mutare Post Office building.

Herbert Chitepo Road Mutare, Zimbabwe illustrated by Stephanie Ann Buer from Detroit, Michigan, USA 2013

Stephanie Ann Buer drawing Herbert Chitepo Road.

Mutare Hall Mutare, Zimbabwe illustrated by Fatima Sow from Detroit, Michigan, USA 2014

Detroit artist Fatima Sow working on Mutare Hall formally known as the Queens Hall in Mutare.

Civic Centre Mutare, Zimbabwe illustrated by Julie George from Detroit, MI, USA 2016

Detroit artist, Julie George drawing an illustration of Mutare Civic Centre for a new postcard for Mutare.

Fire Brigade Building, Mutare, Zimbabwe illustrated by Tim VanLaar from Detroit, Michigan, USA 2014

Detroit artist Tim VanLaar working on the Municipal Fire Station better known as the Fire Brigade Building in Mutare.