ZIMBABWE CULTURAL CENTRE IN DETROIT’Smission is to educate, archive, & promote the arts & culture of Zimbabwe. We continuously strive to encourage strong ties between culture-producers & residents in Zimbabwe, Detroit, & abroad, acting as catalysts for critical artistic production as well as cultural exchange between communities.




PARTNERS / Popps Packing

Popps Packing is an artist-­‐run neighborhood-­‐based nonprofit organization founded in 2009 by husband and wife artists, Faina Lerman and Graem Whyte. Their mission is to create impactful arts programming and foster cultural exchange between local and international artist communities, while leveraging the unique features of our region, neighborhood, and personal practices.  
In 2015, they partnered with us house our first ZCCD Research Fellow from Zimbabwe, Masimba Hwati, who spent a six weeks Detroit. They haev continued being a support hosting several of our events and workshops.

ZCCD Research Fellow, Masimba Hwati at Popps Packing studio listening to the collection of vinyl records in their tool storage, 2015.

Visit poppspacking.org for more information on what they do.